Our Services

Our Services

Our firm offers many services both for our individual as well as our corporate clients. We demand the highest quality dedicated work from our professionals.
We offer our clients the unique benefits of variety and quality services. Our services are tailored to specific needs of our clients in achieving the best outcome for their business.

Baker Tilly Kosovo is professional expert in providing following services

Accounting and bookkeeping

Our accounting services in Kosovo extend far beyond the compilation of financial statements. We analyze our client’s situation and design a plan tailored to meet their needs. We can provide you

Tax Planning and Compliance

Our tax department is fully involved in ongoing planning and consulting services for local and international businesses. The combination of technical skills, continuing education, and creativity of ou

Management Advisory Services

Our goal is to be your business trusted advisors and more importantly, business partners. Our services can help improve your business performance whether your goal is to lower costs, improve efficienc

Internal Audit Services

Baker Tilly Kosovo internal audit services can reduce exposure to business risk and contribute to your company’s internal controls effectiveness. Our professional team has substantial knowledge

Audit and Assurance Services

Our audit approach combines a dedicated understanding of the changes being brought about by today's competitive business environment and our experience in evaluating the risks you face on a daily

Financial Management Training

Our firm has proven experience in designing and delivering trainings in finance, accounting and financial management. Our partners designed public financial management training for public sector in Ko

Asset Valuation

Baker Tilly Kosovo is an accredited business appraiser, having the training and expertise required to provide defensible and accurate business valuation reports, including valuing assets and immovable

Transfer pricing: A Major Concern for International Groups

  The wrong decisions when setting intra-group prices can significantly increase tax liabilities Transfer pricing has become the key issue in the field of international taxes All bus

About us

Baker Tilly Kosovo is a business consulting firm in Kosovo providing professional services in auditing, accounting, taxation and business consulting. Baker Tilly Kosovo was formed in 2001 as BU & Partners and now is one of the leading auditing firms in Kosovo, providing financial and accountancy services, tax and business consultancy to organizations on a national and international basis. Our team consists of experienced professionals,...

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Our firm provides assurance services to state owned utility companies in Kosovo.