TAK introduced a new electronic product - Tax Certificate

Tax Administration, is constantly in an effort to provide greater incentives for taxpayers. Now TAK enables a new on-line service through its web-site providing Tax Certificate for individuals.

TAK has assured that Tax Certificate issued in electronic form, will be the final document, while the validity of content of this document can be verified via e-mail to TAK evertetimi.atk-ks.org.

Tax Certificate is a document which shows the current tax balance of the taxpayer. This document can be used for various purposes, such as visa application; continued residence permit in Kosovo, maternity leave, etc.

Such certificate will be issued depending on the tax balance of taxpayers with the tax administration, with one of the following three descriptions:

  • The person is registered with TAK and has NO actual debt outstanding with tax authorities;
  • The person is registered with TAK and owes tax or other tax obligations with tax authorities;
  • TAK has no evidence on the taxpayer.